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“You’re only going to go so far in business if you don’t know how to listen, work collaboratively, respond to failure, and adapt when the unexpected happens.”

LMA CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAMS can transform your workplace into a dynamic hub of innovation and creativity. You will immediately benefit from: clearer communication that cuts through cultural and hierarchical bias; positive collaborative attitudes unhindered by ego and ownership of ideas; and of course, an enduring bonding effect as a byproduct of this high-level leadership and development training.

Our process leverages the power of procedural learning and contextualises exercises to ensure takeaways are not only retained, but relate specifically to your business for greater retention and uptake. In short, LMA’s fun, full and half-day corporate workshops teach serious business skills using proven exercises and techniques to give you and your team the tools you need to get things done better, faster and happier.

Team Building

The kind that’s actually fun. Just say “NO” to trust falls. Our Programs are designed so that even the most stage shy introverts can join in and discover, and share, a new sense of self confidence and power as individuals, and together as a group.

Public Speaking & Presenting

Imagining your audience naked doesn’t work. We’ll teach your team how to get confident and comfortable selling themselves and your message. And we’ll do it without the formality and hoopla of programs like Toastmasters.

Silo Busting

Are roadblocks hampering communication between management and staff? Are teams that should be collaborating, behaving competitively instead? We can help break down barriers and bring disparate departments together for the common good.

Staff Training

At every level within your organisation we can help your teams improve communication, increase self confidence, better define values, build on each others ideas, and recognise each other’s strengths, as well as earmark areas for improvement.


There’s more to Improv than comedy.

In fact it’s more about learning to “React, Adapt & Communicate,” as well as stay focused and present in the moment at a very high level.

Improv teaches you how to think on your feet and how to react and adapt very quickly to unexpected events and things you may not have planned for. This certainly applies to leadership, presenting, and negotiation – where you rarely have control over what happens.

This awareness can lead to all sorts of benefits – like being able to read non verbal communication cues with ease, getting clear on what you need to say and saying it, without filtering, committing to a situation, becoming a better listener and more.

  • 100% Happy!

    100% Happy!

    Read the results from our workshops with Medland Metropolis.

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  • Interested in Innovation?

    Interested in Innovation?

    Jump into this and get the score.

  • Not a Speed Reader?

    Not a Speed Reader?

    Watch these videos from our Team Training workshop with Toyota.


Imagine a working environment where your employees feel free to play off each other to generate new and exciting ideas. Where no one is fearful to listen and respond in the moment – both internally and to clients. Where teamwork and team morale flourish under a framework for creative thought and invention, and where fun and laughter is the rule, not the exception.

You can have it! The techniques and tools taught in our business improv workshops will improve your company’s communication, marketing, team building, presentation skills, conflict resolution and creativity. The dynamic in your workplace can be transformed for the better, no matter how good things already are. Contact LMA to build a program for your team today.


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Let us build a program specifically for you and your team today.

“We’re all taught how read, write, and speak, but nobody teaches us how to listen. Improv training will give you that skill, and many more.”


Improved Leadership, Mindfulness, Communication, Teamwork & Innovation Await

Change Management
If you’re dealing with internal changes at cultural level, coping with new or outgoing management or processes, or trying to instil behavioural change, we can develop a program to make the transition smooth and get everyone on board.

Overcoming Bias & Dealing with Diversity
Turn your differences into your greatest asset by learning to address influence with or without positional power and to collaborate in environments where biases often exist around status vs. stature, or language and cultural differences.
Promotion & Innovation
Whether you have something new to talk about, or need something new to talk about, Our Improv Training will give you tools and exercises you can immediately put to use to better impact your business objectives.
Morale Boosting
Never underestimate the power of laughter, especially in a group dynamic. The exercises, games, and business skills we teach, along with the memories of a great day bonding together will endure long after the last laugh of the day.
Industry Events & Conferences
That moment when everyone is twitching in their seats and just wants to stand and stretch? Or run out? That never happens with the LMA part of the day. We teach serious business skills in a fun way, and we never use PowerPoint.

LMA Training Teaches Durable Business Skills Like…

  • Active Listening – Responding to what’s said, not what you want to say
  • Taking initiative as a communicator and validating others
  • Being more aware of how specific word choice affects your agenda
  • Using the “Yes, and…” technique to contribute and build on other’s ideas
  • Using Convergent and Divergent Thinking to problem solve
  • Making quicker decisions & being less afraid of making mistakes
  • Being less judgmental & avoiding unhealthy competition
  • Leveraging applied creativity to innovate faster and smarter
  • Using the “Ensemble” philosophy to build supportive and cohesive teams
  • And more…

Results Oriented

Our Improv Based Corporate Training Programs are specifically geared to improve Individual and Team Performance, as well as Executive Poise.

Each program is uniquely designed to meet your objectives using a combination of tried and true improv tools, exercises, role plays and tailored discussions.

We focus on helping the group establish a freer, more open form of communication with each other and with clients.

And we do it by creating a fun, safe and comfortable environment where everyone can practice their new skills before putting them into real-world use on the job.

Check the FAQ’s or Contact Us for more Info & Rates.

Short “Taster” Workshops

Usually around 1-2 hours, our “taster” workshops are a great way for you and your team to get a sense of what LMA’s unique training is about and all that it has to offer, whether you’re after serious solutions or just something fun.

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Half-Day Workshops

Usually around 3-4 hours, we can cover more territory and deliver additional tricks and tools for better communication, collaboration and more. And with the extra time we can ensure the take-aways are more durable.

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Full Day Workshops

Usually around 6 hours (or longer, spread over multiple days), we can take a deep dive into all that LMA improv training has to offer including tools for innovation, dealing with status vs. stature and real business problem solving.

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LMA is a proud contributor to the Vivid Ideas Festival.

An excellent interview with the authors of “Yes, and…”


“Everyone should do this! Improv training is sort of like learning good etiquette or human behaviour. And not just at work, everywhere.”

“I’ve learned how to let go of idea ownership and credit, and just get on with building things together as a team.”

“Learning to work as an “ensemble” helps passive/aggressive behaviour go away because everyone has a stake in the ideas, and they come more easily too.”

“I learned to use “Active Listening” and positive reinforcement to create a clear pathway for moving ideas forward.”

“The truth is, judging yourself gets you nowhere. You are your own worst critic. Improv teaches you not to restrict yourself, and once the shackles are off, we can make anything work.”

“This work helped me to be more spontaneous with a new found confidence and trust that everything will be OK.”

“I used to doubt myself a lot and be insecure, maybe because I’m a woman in a man’s business.  I found this to be like a form of therapy and loved learning to not over analyse my decisions and ideas.”

“I often find myself in unnatural situations at work, and need new ways to communicate with people who are very different than me. This work gave me ways to keep conversations going, without becoming mundane or reverting to small talk.”


You have questions? We have answers.

One of the most common questions we get is around cost.

The total investment you make in your team training will depend on several variables including: number of participants, number of Facilitators, location, length, frequency, and level of customisation, if any.

Best thing you can do is drop us a note and we’ll be in touch to get you the best results for your budget. And in the meantime, be sure to check out our FAQ.

Proudly serving the entire AsiaPac region.

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