Improv for Business Workshops & Fun Team Building Activities
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  • LMA Improv for Business Training FAQ

    • Q. What kind of corporate training does LMA offer?
      A. We tailor each and every Workshop to the specific needs and desires of your business. Prior to your workshop we will work with you to discuss areas of focus, sensitivity and even “no-go” zones, so that everyone gets what they need and feels the most comfortable. Our goal is to deliver real world skills you can put to use in your business straight away over the course of a unique and rewarding session.
    • Q. What’s covered in a typical workshop?
      A. Sessions can be tailor-made to specifically suit your group. The tools, training exercises and games we use on the day will be selected based on things like whether an entire team comes together, versus a group of people who may work together, but hold different status levels within an organisation. Examples of specific objectives could include things like a desire to create an environment that further fosters creativity and innovation, working on team-building to help employees work more cohesively, or giving staff a set of tools that will help them roll with the punches and think on their feet when they’re in the field or working with challenging clients.
    • Q: How much does an improv workshop for business cost?
      A. The cost is based on several factors including: size of group, how many Facilitators are required, venue, length of session, and level of customisation required to achieve your specific outcomes. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and budget.
    • Q. Who are your Facilitators?
      A. Our Facilitators have the highest pedigree and go through a rigourous in-house training program. They all have ral world business experience and practice what they preach. They are not theatre students or comedians pretending to be business people. Business is in our DNA.
    • Q. Who should attend?
      A. Short answer: Everyone.  Longer Answer: From CEO’s to marketing teams, Old timers and new guys to suppliers and sometimes even customers – our workshops work best when everyone gets into the activities and collaboarates as a group. Check out this blog post: Who Should Take Improv and Why
    • Q. How many people may attend a workshop?
      A. We can accommodate almost any group, however, we’ve found 12-18 people per Facilitator is ideal and allows for everyone to receive individual attention.
    • Q. Where are the workshops?
      A. Your call. Our Facilitators typically come to your office, but we have been known to also run Workshops at retreats, conference centres, private homes, hotels, pubs and even a Bowlo.
    • Q. How long is a workshop?
      A. Our standard 1-day Workshop* typically consists of two 3-hour sessions (10:00-1:00 – Lunch – 2:00-5:00).  The first session focuses on group exercises and games to build confidence, team building, creative thinking, listening skills and ensemble work.  The second half of the day goes a little deeper and gives everyone the opportunity to work in partnered scenes with suggestions from the rest of the team – The learning comes from improvising as much as watching others.
      * Half-Day Workshops are typically 3 hours and follow a similar structure, albeit less deep and with fewer tools/exercises. We also offer 1-hour “Taster” workshops which are a great way to see if this work is right for you. Hint: It is.
    • Q. What is an example of a workshop genda?
      A. Every Workshop can be tailored to your specific needs. Please get in touch to ask for appropriate sample agendas.
    • Q. What if I’m not funny? Or don’t want to be?
      A. There’s more to Improv than comedy. In fact it’s more about reacting and learning to be (and stay) focused and present in the moment at a very high level. This awareness can lead to all sort of fantastic benefits – like being able to read non visual communication cues with ease, getting clear on what you need to say and saying it without filtering, committing to a situation, becoming a better listener and more. We teach serious skills using proven exercises and techniques that will give you tools you can put to use in your work immediately. And we do it in a fun environment where everyone feels relaxed, safe and comfortable.

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